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évaluation du risque

Turnkey Services

Risk assessment
Impact analysis
Prioritized recommendations
Dam removal supervision
Prevention methods
Training sessions
Inventory records

évaluation du risque

Specialized Services

Risk analysis
Inventory of sites at risk
Beaver dam removal and control
Beaver dam removal using a helicopter
Protection of drinking water
Protection of natural habitats
Protection of land in use
Supervision of intervention
Construction of water level control systems
Studies and consultant services for new constructions and developments
Beaver relocation and trapping
Weather watch service

Démantèlement manuel afin de protéger
les habitats et les propriétés privées

évaluation du risque


Site mapping
Location of risk areas
Prioritized surveillance plan

évaluation du risque

Staff Training

Control system management
Tracing positive and negative impacts of beaver presence
- Railroad network
- Road network
- Forested areas
- Agricultural areas
- Watercourse management