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Professional Beaver Activities Risk Management

Lizotte Solutions specializes in beaver activities management. We aim at minimizing the impacts of their presence on the environment. For 25 years, we have developed efficient, environmentally safe end durable methods to make living with this animal safer for everyone.


We all know beavers as hard working dam builders. Unfortunately, without any management, their natural activities can have disastrous and costly effects, leading to many public-safety issues.


Flooding of farmlands and forest areas, roads and railways deterioration, spring jams... Beavers’ negative impacts on the environment are numerous. But, it is possible to prevent most of them while still making sure the animals are safely handled and relocated.


Whether you need advice on preventing damages, a risk evaluation, an action plan, or a comprehensive approach to managing beaver activities, our team of experts is available and ready to help.

Problèmes reliés aux activités du castor

Lizotte Solutions offers
structured, efficient and

cost-effective management

Risk inventory     •     Action plan     •     Monitoring and prevention
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